9-17-2008 Important News for Parents This Week

News Brought to you by one of our fabulous teen writers: Shannon is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.



Ow Chihuahua! Dog Dials 911


Child Abandonment is Legal in Nebraska Can-Do Attitude Gets Ailing Teen A Trip to D.C.

‘Alcopops’ Products Lure to Teen Drinkers

Children Who Have Family Dinners, Less Likely to Use Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

What Teens Are Hearing About Drugs

Youths’ drug of choice? Prescription

Palin Candidacy Sparks Working Moms Debate


Your Teen Ready to Date? Don’t Panic!

Expand ‘Tween Allowances and Set Guidelines for Spending

Focusing Teen Pregnancy with ‘Secret Life’

Not-Quite-So-Thin is in for Models at Fashion Week

Six Food Mistakes Parents Make

Give Her a Real Sex Talk, Beyond ‘Don’t’

‘Trunk Mom’ accused of supplying alcohol to teens


Police Get Call Over Non-Floppy Rabbit Ears

Mom Allegedly Uses Daughter’s ID to be Cheerleader


9-Year-Old Delivered Baby and Kept Her Cool Baby Carriage to Marriage?

Slang Dictionaries Help Parent Cracks Teen Codes


Podcast Interview: Stressed Out and Overwhelmed: How to deal with Senioritis and School Burn-Out

Did a recording with Aurelia at Parenting My Teen Podcast on my post on “How to Be A Parental Sounding Board”

Listen to internet talk radio

Healthy Lifestyle Video Contest for Teens: SmallSteps, in collaboration with the NBA, the HHS, and the BGCA, launched a video contest encouraging young people to share the small steps they are taking to get in shape and stay fit, from exercise to good eating habits.  Teens should create a short video, 3 minutes or less, exemplifying small steps for a healthy lifestyle.  The winner will receive $2,500 in cash and NBA Store Prizes and runner ups will receive $500 in cash and NBA Store Prizes.

Book of the Week

Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley

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