9-19-2008 Articles from the Week

Typical Teen Stereotypes 16 year-old Shannon talks about some funny, and not so funny teen stereotypes…love this article!

Important News for Parents this Week-Alcopops for teens to drink like popsicles, prescription pills, family dinners and drugs, some of my podcasts.

10 Ways to Make Teens More Grateful In honor of September 11th, here are some ways to make teens appreciate how lucky they are (and some for us too!)

How to Be the Prettiest Skinniest Girl in School This was what someone searched into google! I think it speaks to some larger problems with this generation of teen girls…

Parents in Middle School: When Kids No Longer Want You A great guest post by Tim Sullivan on the middle school separation lack of anxiety.

Best Mommy Blogs This is part II of my earlier post and has some awesome mom blogs listed!

Get-to-know-me-picture-of-the-week: First, I went to the Hollywood Bowl this past week and saw Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys–it was so awesome!  We also went to the beach and went hiking to take advantage of the last few weeks of So-Cal summer. (Happy Birthday Scott!)

Now available! The Dirt E-Secrets of an Internet Kid an ebook by Vanessa Van Petten. Find out what kids are doing online, on cell phones and on social networks. Stay a step ahead of your kids by learning from them! How to set privacy settings, manage aim, view a private MySpace page and much, much more!

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    Thanks for making my birthday awesome!!

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