9-24-2008 This Week’s Important News for Parents

Video of the Week


Street Team ’08: Border Disorder on Campus, University of Arizona students are being froced to walk around a newly-erected fence, installed as a reminder of the immigration debate that still rages.

Breaking News

Pot to prescriptions: As boomers advance in age, they are altering — not abandoning — their drugs of choice

Culture Shapes Young People’s Drinking Habits

The Secret Lives of Your Kids Online

Colleges to ‘Heliparents’: Welcome! Now Go Home

Teen Pregnancy on the Rise After Years of Decline

Raising Driving Age Easier Said Than Done

More Teen Girls Harming Themselves

Articles of Interest

The Skinny on ‘90210’ Read if your kid is watching!

Starlets too Skinny?

National Bullying Prevention Week Helps Parents, Students Deal with Bullying

Talking About the Election with Young Kids: Three Simple Tips

Teen Dads Often Cropped Out of Picture

Teen Detective Leads Police to Stolen Bike

Five Ways to Use Social Media to Reach People Who Don’t Use Social Media

The Topic of Curfews

Texting while Driving ‘More Dangerous than Drugs and Alcohol’

‘Brow Raising

16-Year-Old is First Teen to Skydive in Rhode Island Legally

Piggy Bank Theft Results in Prison

Family in Shock After Rings Disappear From Dead Woman’s Fingers

Shannon’s Faves

Nick Jonas’s Super Sweet 16

Newest trend: Treadmill Desk

Vanessa’s Faves

Alcohol Issues was formed to offer a unique reference point on the facts
about alcohol abuse and alcohol in society. Alcohol plays a large part in
our society. We discuss alcohol abuse, alcohol policy and how you can get
treatment for an alcohol problem

My Regular MomScoop Podcast

Grateful Mommy Is an adorable blog I am loving.

ShopLikeAnna.com.  SLA is a social networking, fashion and lifestyle website for tweens (15 and under.)  In a nutshell, we’re a safe place for future fashionista’s to connect, shop and learn. The brainchild of the website is a 13 year old girl (Anna) who wanted a place to shop and “play” online with her friends when MySpace and Facebook weren’t an option.

YEAH YEAH Out Loud®, a children’s self esteem tool for use in early learning environments (3-8 year olds). Through the characters Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy®, children are taught to identify an “inner” voice. The story shows children how to nurture and develop this “inner” voice into their “cheer” leader. Encouraging children to share the cheer is where the cycle of Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy’s® story comes together. YEAH! YEAH! Visit www.yeahyeahoutldou.com; Empowering kids to discover their inner “cheer” leader.

At 15 - A place for teen voices on important issues.

*What’s your take on the 2008 presidential election? Best Buy has launched @15, a new platform to connect with teens, give voice to your perspectives, and invest Best Buy resources to support teen efforts to lead social change. We invite you to take @15’s first teen focused IMO (In My Opinion) survey. Now through Friday, September 26, you have a chance to share your point of view – and encourage your friends to do the same. Remember, you may not have a vote in this election, but you have a voice.*

Book of the Week


A Year in an American High School  by Elisha Cooper

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