Teen Article: What its Like to Be a Senior?

This article is by our newest teen blogger, Riki, who is a 17 year-old senior from Connecticut who loves to run and play guitar.

As summer dwindled down and school started approaching, I was secretly excited to be a senior. I’d get my own parking sticker in the senior lot, I’d get to sit at the best tables in the cafeteria, and I could actually relax after working way too hard for three years of high school

But high school is four years right? After five minutes back in school, I was very quickly reminded of that fact with a stack of textbooks that couldn’t even fit in my backpack!

The worst part is, on top of my senior year course load, the idea of college looms over me and never, ever leaves. I mean, if I hear the question, “Where do you think you are going to go to college?” one more time, I think my head might explode. I have no idea where I’m going to GO. I’m going to go wherever I get accepted!

Regardless, I can’t get through more than five minutes of class without thinking about college. It’s everywhere, on everyone’s minds, and on the tips of everyone’s tongue. I can’t stop myself from worrying, “What if I don’t get in where I want to get in? What if I don’t get in anywhere? Am I taking hard enough classes? Is my GPA high enough?”

But as much as part of me wants to fast forward through these next few months, I have to keep in mind that I’m only a senior once. This is my last spirit week, my last pep rally, and my last homecoming game. I can’t spend every weekend writing college essays instead of hanging out with my friends. When I look back on my year in June, I want to remember all the amazing times I had being a senior.

Now while this doesn’t mean I’m going to blow off studying for a math test to watch Gossip Girl (as much as I would love to!). But if senior year has taught me anything, it has taught me that I need to have a balance between work and play. Now somehow, I have to learn to stick to that piece of wisdom!

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