Top Mom Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

I wrote this article for the Momtrends blog and wanted to re-post part of the article here for my readers! Enjoy…

Carpool line = Fall Fashion Show?
Bake Sale Display = New Shoes Display?
Pool Party Birthday = Latest Bikini Day?

I was lucky, my parents have pretty decent fashion sense, but there are a few universal Mommy fashion do’s and don’ts that I have been asked to explore. First, I wanted to breakdown the different mommy styles I have categorized.

1) I-Dress-Like-My-Kids Style
It’s always the worst when you have parents that dress like their kids. Dads should not wear untied Vans sneakers and Mom’s should not be wearing low-rise jeans. Now, don’t get me wrong, my mom and I borrow shirts from each other. But, this is a style where moms really are trying to look young.

2) I-Don’t-Have-A-Style
You buy what’s on sale, what’s on the top of your drawer or whatever your sister got you for Christmas last year. These are usually pretty cool; as long as you follow the tips below and somewhat match.

3) I-Dress-to-Remember?
I put a question mark here, because if you read the title of this post and thought, “well, I wear the same clothes I did 20 years ago.” Then this is you. These are parents who dress in their favorite decade—hippies, hipsters or funky.

… See the rest of the mom fashion categories here!

Wear clothes that fit you.
Wear clothes that make muffin tops.

Try different hairstyles.
Wear butterfly clips.

Wear an old Kiss t-shirt.
Dress like Kiss.

….see the rest of my do’s and don’t’s here.

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