Activities for Techie Kids

I get a lot of concerned parents who are worried that their ‘techie’ kid will not have anything ‘impressive’ on their college applications.  Or that they spend so much time on the computer or online, that they never get any human interaction.  Here are some ideas for a kid who loves technology and you want to get them some real-life, real-world experience or something that is good for applications.

-Library Tech Aides
This one is great if they are shy, because they are out of their bedroom but still in their realm of comfort.

-Starting an Online Book Club
Love Eragon? Harry Potter? Twilight anyone? Have them start a discussion forum with other kids.

-Online Group Manager
Grouply is great for this.  Have them start a group or club on their interest where people can post questions, favorite websites or resources.

-Start Their Own Social Network
Young athletes? Knitting? They can start their own network on and keep it private just to their friends or open it up.

-Photo or Movie Club
Photoshop is hard and cool.  Have them start a club at school.

-Video Yearbook
In addition to the regular yearbook, if they have journalistic instincts have them keep a virtual yearbook of their class or school.

-Start a Podcast On A Favorite Topic

-Record an Oral History of the Family

-Videotape local landmarks or do a virtual city tour

-Create an Audiobook

-Create a Webpage for a Local Nonprofit

**A word on safety: Make sure that if your teen is going to be posting things publicly they are staying anonymous and managing their online reputation.


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