Five Fabulous(ly Inexpensive) Halloween Costumes for Teens

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Halloween Lantern 31-10-2007 23-10-58 by Glen Bowman.

That’s right. I still trick-or-treat. And this year, I am going as oh-so memorable, Joel Goodsen from Risky Business—shades and all.
In my preparation for this lovely October holiday, I remembered how difficult it can be to come up with a Halloween costume that doesn’t run you a hefty bill. So I decided I’d make a list of costumes that are both easy to make and inexpensive.

1. Athletes
Being a sports player is always a simple costume to pull off. If you don’t play a sport yourself, then find a jersey, some extra long socks and you’re set to go. I’ve found that ‘basketball player’ is usually the easiest. You can wear the below-the-knees shorts if it’s warm but there is always the option of breakaway pants if the temperature drops below sixty.

2. Malibu Beach Bums
This costume is for people who live in warmer parts of the country. All that’s needed for this look is sunglasses, bathing suit, and cover-up. Dress like you’re going to soak up some sun but instead rake in the treats.

3.“…All you need is two pieces of posterboard…”

Costumes that involve two pieces of posterboard and a little creative thing:
Stop sign
Cereal Box

4. Not so out of Character
Characters are always good—from books, from movies, from television.  Any flashy character with a distinctive outfit or ‘look’ can be easily copied.

Some of my favorites are:
The Harry Potter Trio—Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger
Nancy Drew or Carmen Sandiego
Magic Tree House’s  Jack or Annie
Magic School Bus—there’s an entire bus load of kids and a wacky teacher to choose from
Disney princesses, cartoon and not
Betty Suarez

5. PJ Party
When  all else fails, wear your PAJAMAS! Find your cutest flannel prints, pull out your elephant slippers, and go to town.

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