5 Most Annoying Things Your Parents Say

I am now writing a column for the teen girl site: Whatever Life called “How to Deal with Parents”

I recently put this post up for them: (I hope you do not say all of these things!)

1. “How was your day? No really, how was it? Was it good? Tell me, please tell me”

Your parents are dying to know about you, give them more than “ok” (or “fine”).

2. “I am not sure about your friend ____, I think she might be a bad girl.”

Don’t you hate when your parents make judgments about your friends without knowing anything? Don’t get defensive, stay calm and explain to them why you think that is not the best judgment.

3. “Toughen up!”

Ew, they really have no idea sometimes!

4. “Just Relax!”

Sometimes parents truly do not understand what is going on with you or why you are stressed. When you are calm, explain to them that you do not like when they say this.

5. “Get over it! It’s not that big of a deal.”

They really do mean the best for you and they do not realize that when they say this they are belittling your feelings. Tell them that is what it feels like and they will be more careful.

2 thoughts on “5 Most Annoying Things Your Parents Say”

  1. The most annoying thing is, “No”.

    if you give me a detailed explanation of why you are saying no, (and it has to be legitimate) then I might consider.

    And if there isn’t a real answer and they just want to say no because they feel like being a you-know-what…thenlet’s make some negotiating. “Let’s say… I do the dishes.”

    whatever. :P

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