Momager: Favorite Kid Stars and Moms in Show Biz


I have recently seen momager business cards, momager coaches to help moms manager their children and momager make-up kits.  Oy, momagers make me nervous.  I think sometimes what they do is very comendable–when it is their kid’s dream.  All too many times mom’s push their kids into show business to fulfill their dreams of being famous.

Some Famous Moms and Stars:

-Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan (and Ali Lohan)

-The Spears Crew

-Tina and Beyonce Knowles

Tips for Stage Moms and Stage Dads of Child Stars

Yes, here is an actual article of tips for parents of talented kiddies.

Some excerpts:

  1. Parents who think their child is perfect must go beyond their own bias if they really want to help, and seek outside evaluations of their kid’s talent from a respected industry professional. Voice training, image refinement or an acting coach may make the difference between success and failure.
  2. Teach your children humility; parents tend to want to build self-confidence in their child and that’s great. Just do it in a way that also instills them with a sense of modesty as well. Arrogance is so overrated.
  3. Encourage healthy competition. Support your child in exceeding his or her personal best as the way to succeed – in school, on stage and in all areas of life – as opposed to focusing on being “better” than another child. Keep this in mind yourself and avoid talking badly about others. Pretty is as pretty does.
  4. Develop your child’s business sense by including them in discussions about bookings or even contract negotiations. And under your watchful eye, also facilitate their direct interaction with casting directors, agents and managers so they become familiar with how business is done. Practice makes perfect in business too.
  5. Birds of a feather flock together. Help your child to make friends with kids who have similar show-biz

    aspirations – and similar values. That way, they’ll always have peer support.

these are just a few of them…

I have absolutely nothing against momagers and child stars.  I just always want to make sure it is really the child’s dream and not just the parent’s.

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