10-15-2008 Important News for Parents

News Brought to you by one of our fabulous teen writers: Shannon is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.


Video of the Week

From Trash to Energy–GO GREEN!

Breaking News

The next bailout: Your adult children?

How to dump your kids: the Nebraska solution

Does drinking alcohol shrink your brain?

See the signs: Teen suicides have risen alarmingly

Questions for Sarah Palin about sex education, parenting

Parenting Poll: Would you control your kids driving speed if technology allowed it?

Articles of Interest

Making Math Uncool Hurts U.S

Some Cereals more than 50% Sugar

Five Myths About Motherhood

Help your teens get organized

Do You Talk to Your Kids About Politics?

3 Websites to Help You Talk to Your Teens about the Birds and the Bees

‘Brow Raising

Teen’s New Name in CutoutDissection.com

Couple saw house in half in divorce

Shannon’s Faves

Jonas Brothers Saddle Up for Cowboys Game

Cubicle War Is Hell–The Greatest Office Pranks

Computer Program Produces Images of an Ideal You

Vanessa’s Faves

LA Times: Ford Controls Teen Drivers

Great website for divorced women and they did an interview with me, I also added some new tips for single parents!

Love this website on responsible cybercitizenship !

Book of the Week

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