10-17-2008 Articles from the Week

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Techno Perfection: Teens Need to Be Perma-Hot I think a lot of teens are struggling with the idea of fame, self-importance and vanity.  The internet, camera phones and HD have changed the way teens think about image.

This Week’s Important News for Parents

I am Teaching a Class in Culver City! Check it out!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Giveaway–Comment to submit

Red (State) Mom, Blue (State) Mom [Guest Post Video]

Momager: Favorite Kid Stars and Moms in Showbiz I had fun with this one, Beyonce, Lohan and Britney pics.

Teens Who Write I had a reader submitted question asking some of my teens on my private social network what they would do id the had the opportunity to get published.  Here are there answers.

Drama With a Capital D Teen article by Shannon!

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