Steps for Teen Girls at High School Dances [Humor]

Pre-Dance Week

Step 1: Awkwardly find out if your crush is coming

Step 2: Go shopping at Forever 21 and buy four outfit options–a mini skirt, skinny jeans, a halter dress and clubbing shorts.

Step 3: Beg your parents to let you get ready at your best friends house so you can wear your new (short) halter dress.

Day of Dance

Step 4: Spend Hours Getting Ready and finally decide to wear the mini-skirt.

Step 5: Go back upstairs to change out of your (too short) mini-skirt after your parents freaked out.

Step 6: Ask your parents to drop you off a few blocks away.

The Dance

Step 7: Immediately go to the bathroom with friends to ‘re-group.’  Fix your hair and apply a sixth coat of lipgloss.

Step 8: Giggle.

Step 9: Stand in a corner with your friends and watch all the boys who line the wall and bob their heads waiting for the ‘wildest girl in your class’ to enter the dance floor first.

Step 10: Giggle a lot.

The Dance Floor

Step 11: Decide to rush the dance floor with 12 of your closest friends and stand in a tight circle.

Step 12: Flip your hair, giggle, glance at a few boys who are hovering around the circle.

Step 13: Desperately look at your friends to see if the guy who has just begun freak dancing behind you is cute (you cannot just turn to see his face!).  Before they can answer you realize it doesn’t matter anyway because his head just barely reaches your shoulder.

Step 14: Grimace as shorty (the rando-guy dancing behind you) tries to put his sweaty hand on your butt.  Awkwardly try to ask him what grade he is in…he pretends not to hear you.

Step 15: Rub your burning thighs as you have been grinding/freaking/bobbing up and down (offbeat) with someone who is four inches shorter than you.

Step 16: Get ‘flashed’ by a teacher for dancing too close.  Use the opportunity to ‘go to the bathroom’ and hide from shorty the rest of the night.

Post Dance

Step 17: Lie to your parents about not dancing with anyone but friends (people under 4’11 do not count).

Step 18: IM with all of your friends about

-The really super uber hott DJ

-How gross shorty was

-That you cannot believe what ‘the wild’ girl was wearing

-That you got ‘flashed’ by the math teacher…awkward come Monday!

Step 19: Find out that shorty lives down the street

Step 20: Pray he gets taller so you can invite him to Prom.

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    April 17, 2009 at 2:29 am #

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  3. freya
    June 15, 2009 at 3:37 pm #

    this post made my day!

    it’s absolutely true. made me laugh


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