5 Ways to Get Rock A Really Bad Test Week

Here is my column for the teen girl site: Whatever Life called How to Deal With Parents!

Ever have one of those weeks where all of your tests, quizzes and essays are on the exact same day? I used to feel like all of my teachers would get together and plan out the best way to torture their students.

It doesn’t usually happen this way, but it feels like it. Here are a few ways to blast through an upcoming Test Hell Week:

1) Know When Its Coming

Sit down right now and write in a planner or calendar when everything is coming up so you can plan ahead. If you know next Wednesday and Thursday you have a more homework than usual and a big essay tests you won’t be taken by surprise.

2) Ring the Alarm

Tell your parents, friends, boyfriend, coach etc that you are going to have a really bad few days at school and everyone needs to give you some slack. If they know you will be stressed out then they can support you more.

3) Clear Out the Unnecessary

Move your orthodontist appointment, skip practice, TIVO your favorite shows and do your chores early. The more time you have to study and take breaks the better you will do on tests and the less crazed you will be.

4) Get the Supplies

How much time do you waste running downstairs to get your mom’s tape or your dad’s hole puncher. Right now: go through all the supplies on your desk. Do you have tape, stapler, highlighters, hole puncher, pens, erasers, calculator? Set up our study area (I like to make mine pretty with little colored jars and boxes).

5) Make a Plan

Write down all of the things you need to do for each subject. Then fit it into the days approaching the test. Get the easy stuff out of the way first—make your flashcards, re-outline your notes or plan a study group.

No matter what, do not get overwhelmed, it will get better. Everyone has really has bad weeks, and they suck, but you can still rock them!

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