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Fashion has been a part of my life since I took a part-time job in high school to earn money to support my Esprit and Benetton shopping habit.

After college, I started working in fashion.  While kid-free I rose up the ranks at Polo Ralph Lauren and became something of a fashionista.

Now I live in limbo land.  I still care deeply about style, but I have neither the money (bye-bye sweet discount) nor the time to keep up with all the latest trends.  To keep sane (I’m not the type of mom who can play dress-up for three hours straight) and connected I write about the fashionable life.  I know what’s in and out and I’m keenly aware of the marketing strategies aimed at ‘tweens, teens and even tots.

My little nugget just started preschool this fall.  While I think we are a few years away from mother-daughter fashion wars, she is already displaying strong opinions about her clothing.

Which got me thinking.  Moms expend tons of energy trying to rein in their children’s style.  Understandably by the age of 10, most kids have had it with mom adding her (unwanted opinion).  What’s worse, most moms are themselves guilty of committing daily fashion crimes.

This lead me back to the school drop off.  I’m going to share my top four deadly sins of mom fashion.  Perhaps if we moms clean up our collective fashion acts, we’ll earn the respect of our broods!

1.    Mommy muffin-top.  Just because you can button the low-rise cargos you wore before giving birth to your third child doesn’t mean you should still be wearing them.  Back in the closet they go until you can zip them without being a.) Horizontal or b.) Sucking in your last bit of oxygen.

2.    Mommy jeans.  Sure, high waists are making a comeback.  But only in an ironic way that under-20’s can pull off.  Opt for a moderate jean. And please, skip the pleats.

3.    Cleavage.  Deep v-s is not made for parent night or ballgames.  Stuff those puppies back in.  The very last things your teenage spawn want to see are mommy mammaries. And never, I repeat never breast feed in front of any child above age 8.

4.    Velour track suits. Unless you are vying for a part on Real Housewives mark my words: Juicy tracksuits have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Yoga gear is cool IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO PRACTICE YOGA.  Otherwise, workout gear and the like look sloppy.

What can you wear you ask?  Lots of things.  Why not ask your daughter or son for some sage fashion tips.  Or better yet check out my blog, for style tips for the whole family.


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