10 Things Every Teen Should Know

Here are ten essentials I am finding out more and more teens do not know about, take a few minutes this weekend and make sure your child is caught up!

1. Teens should know the difference between a credit card, checking account and savings account (and which they have).

2. Teens should know how to change a tire.

3. Teens should memorize their social security number and blood type.

4. Teens should know how to do laundry.

5. Teens should know how many times a week (or month) you expect them to call before you call the head of the dorm.

6. Teens should know Bill Gates lost $40 Billion in 18 months, Donald Trump declared Bankrupcy and Michael Jordan couldn’t make his High School basketball team…we all go through rough periods.

7. Teens should know numbers of at least three local cab companies programmed into their phones.

8. Teens should know how to write a good thank you letter (write not type).

9. Teens should know how to dress for an interview and how to show up ontime for one.

10. Teens should know how to boil rice, pasta and how to work an oven.

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