5 Ways Teen Girls Can Build Self Esteem

Carys is one of our teen interns and is 13 and from Trinidad, who loves to write and act.

1. Wearing make-up is not the way to build your self-esteem. Make sure, everytime you wake in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, that you are beautiful on the inside and out. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. Never run to boys to help you, make sure and make friends by being yourself. Do not try to be something you are not.

3. Always be confident. Always know who you are, do not let someone change that. You know you are a good person.

4. Hang out with friends that you know you can count on, and raise your self-esteem. Do not make the mistake and hang out with “wrong crowd.” Let you be you!

5. Always wear an attractive personality. Also, try your best to look like a young lady. You do not have to go to expensive stores, but look “presentable.” Let people know you are ready for them.

Carys–Such a great article!

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