High School Rings

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Class Ring by superstrikertwo.

High school rings.

Whoa. Talk about starting junior year off with a bang.

Last Wednesday evening I received my class ring. My fellow classmates and I gathered in the school cafeteria at 6:30pm. The room was loud with anxious chattering, each girl jittery with both nerves and excitement. When the little hand hit the seven and the big hand stopped on the twelve we lined up one behind the other and proceeded into the auditorium. Proud and even some misty-eyed parents and teachers stood to greet us. The entire room seemed to light up as they beamed at us, gazing happily at the young women they had watched grow up stride to their seats at the front.

I admit, at first I thought the whole ‘junior ring ceremony’ thing was pointless. I mean, why was it necessary? I had a backpack full of homework and plenty of other ways I’d rather spend my limited free time. Truthfully, I was just excited about finally having a ring that fit my oddly sized fingers. (Which it still doesn’t, btw. I have to wear it on my right index.)

But as the ceremony began, I realized what a big step this was.

We’re juniors. JUNIORS. As in second to last year, practically upperclassmen, driver’s license having, college bound juniors in high school who were receiving our class rings.

It means that the end is nearing.

As junior year opens another chapter of our high school story closes. This ceremony would be one of the last times we would all gather together as the unified class of 2010. Days would pass, calendar pages would turn, and suddenly we’d be taking senior photos, attending Baccalaureate and standing on the steps outside of the Shrine, looking for the graduation caps we’d just tossed in the air.

My skin tingles every time I think about college apps and having to leap blindly into the future once again. I feel like I just did that when I exited my comfortable middle school atmosphere and stepped into the crazy whirlwind of a high school environment that eventually became my “norm”.

Now I have to leave? But I just got used to it here.

Why so soon? It seems like I just arrived.

High school is almost finished.

Oh god, I almost forgot how scary reality can be.

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  1. Carina
    December 1, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    i know exactly what you mean!
    I’m in grade.11 as well, although here in canada we don’t really refer to us as juniors.
    anyways..just yeah now we start to realize that the end of high school is coming near, and then “what comes after?!” it’s almost like looking at the edge of a cliff before the drop.
    it’s a scary thought. but we all have to go through it and i guess…jump! :P


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