11-5-2008 Important News for Busy Parents This Week

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When I am around people my age, I get asked all the time to smoke…smoke before dinner? smoke before the movie? smoke before washing the dishes….

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Twinkies to shrink into 100-calorie snack packs

Where the presidents go to get away

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I just took this interesting survey for a new, hip mommy-oriented bath & body care line. When you take it – you get free product. It’s fast and fun. Check it out: http://www.appliedbranding.com/momsurvey/

Momnesia: Side Effect of Busy Parenting

Cool Kids and Politics Article from WriterMomsMusings

I went to the amazing Realizing a Vision Conference: Brings together amazing women entrepreneurs and leaders to provide high school girls, with answers to the unique challenges and opportunities they face today.   Here are a few take-home points I got.

• How to start a business: always start small
• Be creative, innovative and look at the world
in a completely different way than your friends
and family.
• Learning how to become financially responsible is essential to being a successful adult.
• You never know where your path is going to lead you, if you do what you love you will find something to be successful at.

For aspiring Entrepreneurs, also check out this site: Rise to the Top

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Book of Nonsense by David Michael Slater

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  1. Oooo – Book of Nonsense seems to be everywhere right now, and it’s so deserving. I know it’s unlikely for books from little publishers to hit the big time, but it’s happened before (Harry Potter, anyone)? On his blog, the author is asking for regular folks out there to help spread the word, so here I am. And I’m a total sucker for all this talk about future books in the series being banned.

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