Teen Immigrants

Carys is one of our teen writers who is 13, from Trinidad, loves to write and act.

What was life like for you in Trinidad?

Coming from Trinidad when I was eight years old was very stressful. I left a happy life with my father, two sisters, a brother, and a mother, also many friends to come live with my mother in America.

What was it like when you first came here?

Then things got worse, when I first came up here I started school and after a year I was hit by a car, no bones were broken, but I had to get stitches over my eye. But, I got better.

Was it hard to leave your family?

As soon as I got off the plane and went to my aunts house, because that’s where we were staying, I began to cry. I finally realized that I probably was never going to see my family again. But, I knew I had to get over it. Soon. Even though, what my mother and I went through was difficult, I knew I came here for a reason.

What was it like starting school here?

Registering myself in a school in a place I did not know was not that difficult. My mother had to find a school near my Aunt, Susan’s resturant. We found a Public Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York. It was near my my aunt’s resturant so when I left school, that is where I would have to go. Making friends was more difficult than I thought. I was accustomed with my habits in Trinidad and when acted the habits out, people thought I was strange. I eventually, kept some habits, and got rid of some, but I did make some really good friends.

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  1. virtual worlds for kids
    April 8, 2009 at 7:17 pm #

    i guess it’s true. happened to me before, when i have enough money, but i dont even know who can i spend it with. that’s the worst .. but friends start coming, n life gets better

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