11-12-2008 News for Parents of Teens

I spy pictures of Peanut in her Halloween costume.

Video of the Week

CNN Video

Breaking News

Extended drug/alcohol treatment may be in order for teens

Lighten Up! Taking risks can motivate kids

Bullies may get a kick out of seeing others in pain

Should Kids Be Able to Graduate After 10th Grade?

Parents now everywhere on Facebook

Preventing Teen Rx Abuse Through Take Back Programs

Articles of Interest

Do Good Moms Have Teens That Use Drugs? What Are The Signs?

Students drinking to pass out

Look for those teachable moments

“Club Libby Lu” Is Closing

Best Places to Raise Your Kids ’09

He’s 13. Can I stop parenting now?

‘Brow Raising

Bandits target man’s jug of loose change

Car impounded after dog drives away from carwash

Shannon’s Faves

Woman slain when she tried to leave KKK rite

Beyonce’s Name Change

Vanessa’s Faves

Good video on teen depression.

Rise to the Top Blog a nice feature of me!

HeyUGLY.org If you had to pick the best celebrity role model for 2008 who would it be? That’s the question being asked of students 10 through 19 years of age across America to awaken their inner voice that helps them discern good role models from those who exhibit behaviors that might be construed as negative.

Book of the Week

Generation Text: Raising Well-Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything by Dr Michael Osit

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    Thank you for choosing my book as the book of the week. I hope all that read it-enjoy it-and help make you a better parent. Help transform Generation Text into Generation Best.

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