10 Facts: The Christmas Card Picture with Teens

Oh…its that time of year again.

Groan, grumble, grumble.  “Mom, why do we have to? No one looks at it anyway.” Have you tried to take holiday or Christmas card pictures with teens, it can be tough especially when they are in that “no smiling phase.”

Here are some fun facts about taking the Christmas card picture in my house:

1) If you tell your son to shave his moustache, he won’t.

2) Don’t fix the dogs hair more than your own.

3) If you take a picture that is semi-cheesy, but looks like you are pretending to be an exuberant family–it will probably end up looking like a cheesy picture where you are pretending to be a exuberant family.

4) 550 frames, 12 outfit changes and 6 poses is normal.

5) Matching never works (mom there are multiple shades of blue and off-white and white are basically the same)

6) It is actually impossible to get every family member to smile at the same time.

7) Every child goes through their “I won’t smile phase”…it is annoying, but it usually passes.

8) Outdoor weather shoots actually never end up being scheduled on a good weather day (rain, wind, fires…)

9) Photoshopping is your friend (red eyes, pimples, cropping….)

10) You will always get at least one decent picture:

P.S  One of these pictures will probably go out to a few hundred people my parents no longer know.

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