Meet Carina

Carina is a 16 year-old high school student in Grade 11. She is interested in dancing and acting and in her free time enjoys writing stories, or drawing.

-My name: Carina
-My Grade: 11
-Home Province: Ontario
-Favorite movie:  The Illusionist or Chicago

-Favorite website:

-Favorite topic to write about: Anything about goal setting, or achieving something

Biggest misconception about teens: We’re smarter and work harder then you think. Sometimes we seem so mischievous but really, we take care in what we are passionate about. Give us a chance and you’ll see.

-What you wish all parents knew: Treat us the way you want to be treated. If you are over-protected or treat us like babies, we will back away and never want to speak to you cause it seems either controlling or degrading. Just treat us like young adults. OH! And just cause you’re yelling at us to do something, doesn’t make us want to do it more. Trust me, that room will be clean when we realize for ourselves a tornado hit it!

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