Black Friday: Go Nuts!

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My fingers hover above the keys and then tap lightly on the keyboard, spelling out the phrase I want to look up.

B-L-A-C-K  F-R-I-D-A-Y.

I push the Enter key.

I receive 15,800,000 results in exactly 0.29 seconds.

Nine of the ten on the first of fifty four pages are advertisements that have been leaked onto the web for the upcoming event.

This is absolute insanity.

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It is beginning of Christmas time in the United States, starting the official shopping season off with a bang. Although the actual date of the event is not until after Thanksgiving, most stores involved start putting out their Christmas decorations early and have ads about their crazy, ridiculous sales “accidently” end up online for the public to see weeks in advance.

On the actual day of the event people get up at the crack of dawn, literally. Doorbuster Deals and Early-Bird Specials are customary, so it’s not uncommon for lines to begin forming outside of popular stores like Sears and BestBuy as early as four in the morning. When the automatic doors finally open up people flood inside like water when a dam bursts, pushing and shoving, swarming like hornets for their big-ticket items. Discounted electronics are often heavily sought after as well as the year’s must-have toys and games. Checkout lines snakes throughout the entire store, traffic backing up into the aisles as ravenous customers pour hungrily over every shelf, making sure they haven’t missed out on a single bargain.

Although it was suspected that the number of Christmas shoppers would drop this November 28th, it is actually the exact opposite. As a result of the current economic situation, Americans are more enthusiastic than ever about this year’s day-after-Thanksgiving sales. Major stores are well aware of this craving and they’re feeding off the public’s anticipation, posting pre-sale ads that announce all the all-time lows super savings.

People wait all year for this kind of intense shopping, each person with his or her own agenda, looking forward to the race against the clock and others for products marked down to outrageously low prices.

Black Friday is a day of both excitement and tension, and that isn’t going to slow down just because the economy has.

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