11-26-2008 News for Parents This Week

Video of the Week

Twilight–Haven’t seen it yet? Do.

Breaking News

Better Drivers: Teens or Parents?

Study: Factors that lead to early teen sex

10 Games to Keep from your Kids

Articles of Interest

Sorry, you can’t stop teenage snark–but you can prep for it

Unprepared Kids Having Kids

What’s the Deal with Twilight? A reiew from a non-Twilight mom

OMG, My Mom’s on FB!

‘Brow Raising

Fake Traffic Stops on YouTube Lead to Arrests

Student Arrested for ‘Passing Gas’

Honesty is Still the Best Policy–Teen Returns $59,000

Shannon’s Faves

Guide to Black Friday Deals

Twilight breaks box office record

A Peek at the Obamas’ Thanksgiving Traditions

Vanessa’s Faves

BraveAndTheBold is the website for “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, the new animated series on Cartoon Network, which is filled with kid-friendly features, interactive character fun and behind-the-scenes video (including some art lessons from the producers and directors). The site is sure to be fun for the entire family and great to accompany the episodes which air at 8pm ET/PT.

Post I wrote: 17 Gifts for Techie Teens and Tweens This Year

Book of the Week

Thrive during the middle school years with Joe Bruzzese’s new book, Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years. Move beyond the “survival” mindset by guiding your child’s ability to build confidence, maintain a connection and manage challenge.

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  1. Angel Cuala
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    Thanks for sharing such interesting posts. I am sure many parents like me can learn from them.

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