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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birddle Dirddle (Happy Birthday in Vanessa language) to my Momma, thanks for birthing me mom!

Enjoy the posts from the week and don’t eat too much turkey,

Vanessa and the Teen Team

Top Articles

7 Things to Do If You Hate Your Kid’s Friends This seems to be a problem I hear all the time.  If you have problem’s with your kid’s friends here are some tips for how to deal with this sticky situation.

4 Ways to Teach Your Teens About Mental Hygiene How do you teach your kids about having mental sanity? Here I talk a little about information overload, taking breaks and thinking clearly.

Best Unique Gifts for Teens and Tweens Finally, this year’s gift post is up! Check out some ideas for your kids this year.

Articles by Our Teens and Guests

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