The Mom Song Kid’s Response [Humor] Sung to William Tell’s Overture

Many of you saw Anita Renfroe’s video of the Mom Song sung to William Tell’s Overture.  (below if you didn’t see it), we decided, as the kid’s blog on parenting that we would write a Kid’s response to Anita Renfroe’s the mom song…I hope you like it!


We are starting to write more funny spoof songs, let me know what you think.  We would greatly appreciate any forwards and give us a star rating on YouTube if you so desire!

Lyrics to the Kid’s Version of the Mom Song

I am up, I am up, I’m up and dressed

Can I wear this, am I cute, are the boys impressed

Where’s my clothes and my shoes and my backpack at

And, Yes I’m wearing that

No mom, no OJ, where’s the pop tarts at

Where’s my lunch, eww gross, do I look fat?

After school bring me a snack when I get back

And then its homework until I collapse

Watch some TV shows, to us teens it’s the most important thing of all

Get my TIVO for set up for gossip girls—the coolest show of all

Please remember not to come downstairs when my friends are over here

Just stay upstairs all the time so when we gossip you will not hear

TTYL, Not now, Im coming, can you drive me there

Close my door, Get out! Please don’t touch mess up my hair

I said thank you, I don’t want to, please don’t bother me

There’s my cell phone, it’s a text, Ill have to BRB

LOL, cu later,  take me to the mall

Wait one second I have to take this call.

That’s so chill, so cool, oh mom please chillax

ROTFL, oh please dad just relax

I hear breathing mom,  is that you on my call

While you’re here though can I have money for the mall

Hi mom, its me, Im over at sandy’s

and I’m wondering if I can spend the night? We’re watching movies And yes, Sandy’s mom is also here right now,

talk to her, oh maybe she’s in the shower so im not sure how.

Oh man what If my parents catch me

there are some things that we do that all parents cant see

I forgot my homework, what I’m grounded, oh you are so unfair

Were you never young, you’re the worst, and you are always late to day care

Do I have to, I don’t want to, can I have some money

Not a boyfriend, we’re just friends, just an FWB

You don’t get me, your so lame, can you drop me off here

I don’t want my friends to see you near

My day was fine, and my test was just ok

ill never be like you, my kids will be great

don’t read my diary, just give me my privacy

Can I go to the dance, I wont get an STD

Oh and about parents who patrol

about Parental controls

they don’t really work

We know when you lurk

And often cover up

With fake homework

Or IM our friends red parents alert

So I want to tell you that when we say that we hate you

We know

you really want to keep us safe

But can I just make our case

Sometimes we just want a little freedom from your rules

And when you nag us, and tell us to

Take out the trash and clean dog poo

Our only course of action is to roll our eyes at you


Brush my teeth, wash my face, fight with mom

Text my friends, ask for money, put my retainer on

I guess its true, I love you

And tomorrow we will do this all again because a mom’s nags never end

Can I have a later curfew

I need it, just trust me, everyone else does it too

Hey mom hey mom hey mom hey mom, hey mom

I love you, I do, Even though I never tell you!

Anita Renfroe’s Version of the Mom Song sung to William Tell’s Overture:


29 thoughts on “The Mom Song Kid’s Response [Humor] Sung to William Tell’s Overture”

  1. Vanessa – this is fabulous! You did a great job and I love it just as much as I love Anita’s mom version. I am definitely going to share this with my readers!

  2. OMGoodness thank you Char!

    Can I just tell you how many times I had to record this thing….i dream of the William Tell Overture now. Thanks for posting it!


  3. Alright, darlin’ those words are hilarious and need published big time…I’ll pay it forward on Shaping Youth for sure, quite a gift for Moms to see you ‘understand our world’ so well!

    p.s. Your low, cool radio voice isn’t ‘shrill’ enough to match the tonal chaos tho, maybe you can get a teen to help give it that ‘whiny’ touch? ‘omg!’ ;-)

  4. Amy

    Sorry, I will try to put some whine in it next time, when we whine, my mom usually says “wha, wha, wha why don’t you call the whambulance” it is really annoying but probably true.

    Thanks for passing it on to your peeps at Shaping Youth!


  5. Vanessa,

    That was some creativity! I was looking for the music to this song forever. Where did you get it? I might one day sing it to my mom.

  6. Vanessa,

    Great job hon. I have a daughter your age that could relate to you.

    Thanks for the laughs!!

    Greetings from a cold Boston, Massachusetts

  7. NICE job…great reply…even as a childless adult…I appreciated the song and creativity. Thanks for the smile on my face…

  8. Vanessa,

    As a father of three (apparently luckily still only at ages 4-9) I must thank you for the smile on my face – not to mention the education… ;^)

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Dear Vanessa,
    That was absolutely FABULOUS! Laughed my head off-and loved the genuine message in there. It might interest you to know that my friends and I have been viewing your video in Bangalore and New Delhi in India! Rossini must be turning in his grave thanks to the two of you! Would it be possible for you to put the lyrics in the video and post it again? One tends to miss a few words along the way.

  10. omg!! u rock!! me & my mom were cracking up!!!!
    make a sequal!! thanx! u rock!!!! i
    seriously LOOOOOOOOVED it…..

  11. Just Magnificent. Will share with my 14/15 year old students at school. This should prove I understand them..

  12. O…M….G……!!!!!! As the mom of a 14 year old (who is not speaking tome now, by the way) this was hysterical each and every time I watched it. Facebooked it to all my friends – and my online groups as well.
    See you tomorrow in White Plains!
    Can’t wait!!!

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