12-3-2009 News for Parents

Pink Marshmallow Peeps
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Video of the Week

How Much Gaming Is Too Much? Teen Collapses After 20 Consecutive Hours of Video Gaming

Breaking News

1 in 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

New Advice for Online Safety for Kids

How to prevent teen driving accidents

Black Friday Walmart Shoppers Trample Employee To Death

Little Ones Get Tests for Sports Gene

Survey Finds Growing Deceit Among Teens

Articles of Interest

Brooding Teen: Just Moody or Mentally Ill

The Duggars: How They Live Debt-Free

Family ‘would stop’ drunk-drivers

Teaching the Spirit of Giving

Making Your Family Trips Greener

‘Brow Raising

Woman accused of stealing neighbor’s decorations

Man swallows stolen earrings

Thief steals Thanksgiving dinner off woman’s porch

Shannon’s Faves

Miley Rethinks Scandalous Photos

J.Hudson’s Brother-in-Law Formally Charged

Vanessa’s Faves

Momlogic: Students Who Cheat

Vanessa Book was featured in Episode 2 of Rise to the Top


Book Of The Week

I’m reading this for my book club. Scott Westerfield’s Peeps.

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