4 Tricky Ways to Save Money When You Have Teen Shoppers

I have written about teaching your teens about money and how to save money while in a recession with Teens.  I want to make a few additional comments on hw you can talk your teen into spending less.

Recession Proofing Your Kids

What My Dad Taught Me About Money

1) Cheap Can Be Trendy

Vintage has always been cool.  Now shopping ‘gently used’ or in your parents closet has never been easier.  Suggest that your daughter and her friends make a night on ebay to shop for cheap and gorgeous prom dresses. You can find some amazing deals, in designers and styles you never would have been able to find otherwise.

2) Cheap Can Be Fun

There are also lots of sites where you can swap clothes for a few weeks.  This is better than shopping because you can literally wear what you buy once and never have to wear it again…because you can return it!

3) Cheap Can Be Cool

Celebrities (not that teens should model their fashion on what celebrities wear, but…) covet beautiful vintage clothing.  The ‘worn’ look is also in, faded jeans, classic t-shirts and 70’s style skirts will never go out of style…and if they do you can ‘recycle them’ on these websites.

4) Cheap Can Be Easy

Handmedowns.com is a really awesome website that makes buying gently used items easy.  Also, many teens are very green, and this is a great way to recycle.  Make a deal with your shopping diva (or divo…I am seeing a lot of teen male shoppers recently) that they can sell some of their old clothes that they do not wear before they get new clothes.  This will make them really think about if they need new clothes and appreciate what they have.

Overall, talking to your kids about spending less…or spending smart is really important.  Take this recession as a time to talk to your teens about money cents, oops I mean sense.  Sorry, I couldn’t help it!

This post is dedicated to Jana Falej, who teaches me lots of money cents! Thanks for all of your help with my business Jana!

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    June 1, 2009 at 2:56 am #

    nice post! totally agree with this, cheap, trendy and vintage is the best combination!

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