What A Mom Wants This Holiday

This post is by Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends !

If you’ve been agonizing on what to get your mom this holiday, I’m here to help.  I’ve got a list of ten ideas that will earn big praise from the woman you rely on for food, transportation and endless supplies of love.  And guess what?  None of these ideas will break the bank.

1.    Itunes certificate + free uploading help:  Give mom a few new songs for her ipod and then show her how to create a new playlist—maybe even sneak in a couple of bands from your library.

2.    Car wash:  Print up a book of five or ten car wash certificates and then get ready to suds up the family sedan after the next muddy soccer game.

3.    Manicure:  Pricey spa days may be out of your budget, but you can likely afford the $15 manicure.

4.    Movie tickets:  Make a date with mom to see a flick from (no, not Twilight…think Australia or Slumdog Millionaire).  And pick up the popcorn for the two of you.

5.    Social Networking 101:  For tech-savvy teens, why not give her a few hours o “tech support.” Update her facebook page or blog.

6.    Yoga class:  For the fitness buffs out there, share your love by buying mom one or two classes at a local studio.  Prices start around $15 per class.

7.    Scrapbook it:  Many moms are the family archivists.  Why not surprise mom with one or two pages of your own creation.  Trust me, this one could bring tears to her eyes.

8.    Babysitting vouchers:  If you’ve got little siblings, offer free babysitting.  The caveat: no moaning when a party comes up and you’ve already agreed to stay home!

9.    Magazine subscriptions:  While you may not be able to afford to give mom that trip to Paris (yet) you can still satisfy her travel yearnings with a year’s worth of Travel & Leisure.  If she’s into cooking try Food & Wine.  You get the idea, match the mag to her interest.

10.    Chef’s special:  Plan a menu.  Print it out and wrap it underneath the tree.  Then shop and cook a meal for the family (clean up too) to give mom a break from the kitchen.

Notice a theme?  Yep, what mom really wants this year is a thoughtful gift that will give her back some precious time with her family or help her relax a bit.  Either way you’ll certainly bring a smile to her face with one of these treats (unlike those candy cane socks from last year).

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  1. Nicole Feliciano
    December 7, 2008 at 2:13 pm #

    I hope your readers like my ideas. And I really hope I get some of these thoughtful gifts. Loved your suggestions on what to get tweens. It’s been quite popular on my site!

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