10 Foods That Will Help Teens Keep Healthy Weight

By Teen, Rachel Karten a Sophomore at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to Oxygen Magazine’s great article I now know that there are foods that melt fat! The article explains that eating certain foods can boost your metabolism along with eating with a spaced out pace throughout the day. The combination of foods that have a thermogenic effect, don’t fill you up with tons of calories, and don’t have too much fat in them is the key to burning off that unwanted fat! Of course, it’s still super important to keep exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle! Here are my top 10 favorite choices of fat melting foods!

1.    Ginger – Ginger tea is not only tasty but helps boost your metabolism, cures nausea and helps detoxify.

2.    Green Tea– Another one of my favorite teas! Drinking this tea can help raise your metabolism by 3.5  percent over 24 hours, according to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD.

3.    Oatmeal – Never skip breakfast! Oatmeal is an awesome choice for breakfast because it contains carbohydrates and fiber. Oatmeal will keep you energized and healthy!

4.    Eggs – Another good breakfast choice, eggs provide you with vitamin D, which gives you energy and also contributes to weight loss.

5.    Grapefruit – A great snack that is high in water and can boost your metabolism.

6.    Carrots – A great crunchy snack that gives you vitamin A for hardly any calories. You will get a ton more carrots than potato chips for 100 calories.

7.    Coffee – High in caffeine and improves performance, coffee can raise your metabolism by 50 to 75 calories a day.

8.    Apples – A great snack to have in between meals because Apples fill you up with fibers and water.

9.    Fish – A great source of protein and amino acids so that your body stays energized.

10. Water – The most important aspect to metabolism and
burning calories is definitely water! Stay hydrated and drink up!

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  1. Dr David Black
    June 23, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    These 10 foods are a great combination.
    The fighting Scots all ate porridge !
    Dr.David Black

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