12-10-2008 News for Parents of Teens

Video of the Week


Wicked Last-Second Winning Basket

Breaking News

Exercise Helps Heavy Kids Control Their Anger

Laws Governing Teen Tanning Don’t Work

Teens tune into drugs

Teen girls charged in nursing home abuse

Planned Parenthood Tells ‘Teen’: Lie to Get an Abortion

Articles of Interest

Adults Get Their Game Face On

Alarming Teen Trend: Embedding

Sometimes, it’s okay to tell your kids you’re broke

Don’t give your naughty teen a lump of coal

Survey: Moms and Tween Daughters Agree on Holiday Shoppping–what and where

Too sexy for tweens?

Teen Social Entrepreneur Taps Social Media to Drive Volunteerism

‘Brow Raising

Pastor prays over deposit slip, gets $1.5M gift

‘Jingle Bells’ sung in 12 languages

Teen gets college degree in 2yrs

Shannon’s Faves

Quirkiest Baby Names 2008

Grey’s Anatomy Breaking News: George wants to leave!

Rob Pattinson Kisses and Tells (…swoooon…)

Vanessa’s Faves

How to Protect Kids From Cyberdangers

Love the ON Networks new mini show for girls, soooo funny!

Video: The perfect gift idea for your middle schooler’s teachers, coaches and mentors. And no, it’s not an ornament or a coffee mug.

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