12-12-2008 Articles from the Week


We are really trying to get into the top 3 for Best Parenting Blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.  Please vote for us here.  (I swear it only takes two seconds to register!)

I am Looking to Hire Coaches/Tutors, check it out here!

Vanessa and the Teen Team

Top Articles

10 Ways to Take Facebook Pictures Like Teens

4 Tricky Ways to Save Money When You Have Teen Shoppers

How to Teach Your Kids About Finding Real Friends

Articles from Teens and Guests

12-10-2008 News for Parents

Teen Twilight Review

Over Protected Parent: Cope With Kids Growing Up Too Fast

10 Foods That Will Help Teens Keep Healthy Weight

Meet Becca

Teens and Motor skills [Guest Post]

What A Mom Wants This Holiday [Guest Post]

PS- Got to go to an awesome event at the Skirball Center here in Los Angeles called the Digital Family Reunion with a lt of the movers and shakers in the tech industry.  Met some awesome bloggers and tech geeks like me.  Shout out to Julie Mathis for snagging me an invite!

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  1. I voted for you on the bloggers choice awards!!!! It really didn’t take long, cmon people lets get some more votes!

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