5 Ways to Deal With a Daughter Who is Obsessed with Boys

I. Was. A. Teeny. Bopper.  You know, one of those girls who saw a picture of her crush of the moment (insert Hanson, Backstreet Boy, ‘NSYNCer name here) absolutely freaked out, bopped up and down and squealed.

1) Laugh With, Not At

That’s what this video is meant to do.  This is a cute stage (much better than the one when they pierce their bell button!) so laugh a little and do not take it too seriously.  Just make sure to laugh with them not at them.


2) Know it Passes

If my parents had believed me when I said, I. would. Have. Hanson’s. babies. I never would have been able to leave the house.  This stage (and boy) will pass, so do not get too freaked out with your new libido-obsessed daughter.

3) Know Them and Know the Limit

Take an interest and find out who they like, you might actually learn something.  Aren’t you curious about what kind of guys they might like when they actually start dating? Do they like rockers, preppy boys, emo guys…learn a little bit about who your daughter likes.  You also always want to make sure that the crush stays on the crush level and does not turn into something a little more serious.  Keeping tabs and being interested can be a good way to monitor.

4) Think Of What It Is Better Than

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This one is important.  Occasionally parents complain to me about their daughter who constantly looks at pictures of the Jonas Brothers online, has posters all over their walls and cannot talk about anything else.  I always tell them that this is way better than them becoming obsessed with something else.  Celebrity crushes are pretty harmless as long as you are keeping some tabs.  I think my boy obsessions kept me out of trouble because it gave me something to think about …at least until I could actually date.

5) Use It To Bond

This is a perfect opportunity to bond with your daughter.  Instead of just keeping watch, offer to go to a concert, help her start a fan club.  This will give you both tons of conversation starters.  Yes, you might have to talk about what Zac Efron eats for breakfast, but then you could always turn it into a conversation about eatign healthy breakfast.  When I see moms and daughters screaming together at concerts I always think it is so great because they are bonding and will have awesome memories down the line.

This post is dedicated to Irene Dreayer, my manager and producer of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, who manages two very hot celebrity crushes of the moment and is awesome!

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  1. These are indeed a helpful blogs, teenagers are getting curious about things especially sex well this is the age where in people have active sexdrive, and have a high libido.

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