Teens and Careers: Five Reasons I want to be in the Art Industry.

Carys is one of our teen interns who is 13 and from Trinidad, loves to write and act. Carys wants to be in the Art Industry and I asked to write a few reasons why.

1. The best thing about being in the art industries is that you can be very creative and show excellent talent.

2. You get to express your ideas in the Art Industry and show it off to the world.

3. Many different types of artists are credited with Artistic creations and they are proud of it.

4. Most artists that are involved in the Art Industry love doing what they and get paid for it.

5. The art industry is not something you necessarily need a lot of education for, as long as you have passion.

There are some excellent art industries. If you have a passion for the art industry, you can send your resume to an art gallery or a museum to present your work. In the industry, you can express yourself in so many ways, you can show different types of emotions such as anger, sadness, and happiness. You can show your emotions to numbers of people, who can buy the beautiful art and let everyone they know see what effort you put into such amazing work. I have called many companies, and left my information and have gotten many responses. Maybe, you can try that also, it may work out, anything can happen. But, if you’re good, I recommend that you take a few classes, or get a job in the art industry to become better. There is no such thing as perfect. Though, art is a very serious career, no matter what type of art. If you take it very seriously, you can accomplish something much more. Good Luck!


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