12-17-2008 News for Parents


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High school teachers eat on $1 day

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Should Parents Crack Down on Teasing?

Survey: Teens sharing nude images online

Fast texting ‘tween market pumps cell phone sales

Articles of Interest

As the Rich Get Poorer, Teenagers Feel the Crunch Youngsters from well-to-do families seem to have found a new work ethic as their parents’ finances are squeezed.

Warning Signs: Is Your Child Having Cyber Issues?

As the Rich Get Poorer, Teenagers Feel the Crunch

Nickelodeon is 2008’s #1 Basic Cable Network

Maxim January covergirl Hillary Duff: “I never said I was a virgin”

‘Brow Raising

4-yr-old breaks into store to play with toys

Shannon’s Faves

Twilight set to open in November 09!

Should Parents Crack Down on Teasing?

As the Rich Get Poorer, Teenagers Feel the Crunch

Vanessa’s Faves

One out of 3 high school students do not make it to graduation day.  That’s why the Ad Council and U.S. Army have teamed up to develop Boost Up, a campaign that helps encourage potential graduates at-risk of dropping out to stay in school and earn their diplomas.   Click the following link to send a Boost.

WuduPlz (Would You Please) is a new, free web service built to help parents teach teens and preteen cooperation, responsibility & commitment.  Not only Wuduplz allows easier and faster texting from the computer, to make it more useful, WuduPlz can also deliver messages LATER to provide useful reminders. In other words, each family member with a cellphone is carrying around a little alarm clock that Mom or Dad can set to go off with a little note. Very handy.  Teens like it because they avoid annoying phone calls.

Glogging for the Holiday s Glogster is the new Web 2.0 platform that provides kids, teens and adults with a revolutionary way of expressing their mood, feelings and ideas by creating virtual posters that incorporate multimedia elements.

Parenting My Teen: Holiday Tips for Teens The holidays can be loads of fun for some families but it can also be stressful and depressing for others. Teens are just as affected by the holiday craziness as are adults so it’s important to spend some alone time with your teen so they don’t feel lost in the hustle and bustle.  In this episode Aurelia and Vanessa share some great teen gift ideas and also encourage you to talk to your teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. Many studies have shown that incidents of teen drinking rise sharply during the winter break from school so please pay attention to what your teen is doing in his free time and who she’s hanging out with. If it means being the uncool parent to confirm whether alcohol will be at a party, then be uncool. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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