FAQ Teen Pot Culture

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Where do Kids Learn About Pot?
From their friends mostly. But there are a lot of online communities and websites that dedicate themselves to educating people about marijuana and pot culture. Some of these sites answer questions like:
How do I find a dealer in my area?
How do I get Marijuana smell out of my clothes?
How do I grow pot?

And some even have diagrams that show how to roll joints.

How Much Does pot cost?
This greatly depends on where you are and the quality of the pot, but the general rule of thumb is:
Joint = $5
Gram = $15
1/8th = $35

Feel free to comment if you think this is different.

When do kids first get exposed to pot?
Earlier than you would think. Usually kids start to hear about other kids doing pot when other students have older siblings or older friends. I always knew about ‘those’ kids that were doing it when I was in 7th and 8th grade and at the start of High School, but was not exposed to it often. By 9th and 10th grade, my friends and I began to see it more frequently at parties, kickbacks and even at after-school hangouts.

Do they know the health effects of pot?
Health classes do let kids know the health, legal and even financial consequences of pot.

Do students smoke pot more frequently in college?
I think yes. I think pot is more common in college because it is easier to get, easier to smoke without parents waiting at home and it is very common. Of course, this is not true for everyone, but many kids begin to smoke in college.

If I know my kid has been drinking alcohol, does that mean they are also smoking pot?
NO, of course not! There are no generalizations like that. Here is a post about pot and alcohol: Pot vs Alcohol: What Are Teens Using?, but in general I do not think the two are tied in any measurable way. Some people only drink, some people only smoke, some do both, some do neither, some smoke socially and never drink.

Is there a lot of peer pressure?
Ahhh, this is a controversial question. I got angry comments on my last post, one by a particular Mr Marijuana who was angry that I was against smoking and said that there was no peer pressure to smoke. I can only speak from my own experience and the experience of my friends.  I would say that I did feel peer pressure, but only once I got to college.

Does it lead to bigger drugs? Is it a gateway drug?
In my opinion, no. In fact, I know many people who smoke weed and refuse to drink or do anything else. For the most part, I think that teens will do pot and if they want to try ‘harder’ drugs they probably would have if they had smoked pot or not. The only correlation I have seen, is between pot and mushrooms. I think that many kids who do pot, also try mushrooms later on.

For those of you who have the not-my-kid-syndrome:
“My kid is an athlete, so there is no way he is smoking pot”
“She has such nice friends, they are all straight A students, they couldn’t smoke and be doing so well in school”

Some of the smartest people I know (with the highest GPAs) as well as many athletes smoke pot. Sometimes athletes smoke in the off season if they get drug tested (although some people buy ‘clean urine’ for their drug tests–Teens Dealing Clean Urine For Money ) or even during the season by using a vaporizer so it does not effect their lungs.

In the next post, I will be talking about how to talk to your kids about the facts and what to do if you think your kid is already smoking pot.

A Few Additions to my previous pot vocab list for parents:
Hotboxing- Going into an enclosed space to smoke so that even what is exhaled is breathed back in.

Fruit Bong- Some people do not use bongs, pipes or joints and very craftily carve a fruit into a smoking device so that the smoke picks up the fruit’s flavor (usually apples, but I have seen a picture of a pineapple before).

Roach- The end of a joint (marijuana cigarette, which has a strong residue of everything that has been smoked before it.


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19 thoughts on “FAQ Teen Pot Culture”

  1. It depends on where you are, like you said. but 3.4 grams is in an 1/8 of an ounce. 1/8 is about $40-50. For a joint you could buy a dime bag which is $10.

    I agree that pot is not really a gateway drug but very connected with shroooms, which are popular these days.

  2. Well where to start i have so many comments and questions. First of all i am a stoner i smoke 2-3 times a day for the last 2 years im 16 years old right now. No matter what i have heard about symptoms of pot i have not had a single one of them. Actually im mentally stable im a happyer person sincve i started and my GPA has been raised from a 1.5 to a 3.0. I have also never had any depression/ suicidal thoughts. Actually i have never found a reason to ever quit. My parents know and hate the fact btu im able to still do it behind their back(the only thing i dislike about it). And bassing that every time you are brining up a statistic/fact your saying your hearing this from a friend or witnessed it so i have been lead to beleive that you have never seriously done the drug itself. If so i would like to know what right you would have to be giving advice to already worried parents about a harmless drug.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your post, I actually think your attitude is the way most teens feel and I am glad you voiced it so parents can see that teens truly do not find any reasons not to smoke.

    Many teens feel that pot is harmless, and has in fact helped them, like you do. For some people, this might be true, but for most people, unlike you, they do not know their limits. In fact, they start in high school, find ‘no reason to quit’ and then they go to college and get a job and have become ‘dependent’ on pot to function well.

    At the very least it is an expensive habit and very bad for your lungs if you plan on doing it longterm because you have ‘no reason to quit’. You sound as though you have thought this out well, but keep in mind the effect it is having on your lungs, brain and idea of success. Whether or not pot helped raise your GPA do you plan on smoking when you get a job and need to work long hours? or when you are a father?

    Please just consider the alternatives and stay safe.

  4. The real question is SHOULD parents even tell their kids not to smoke pot? I was raised in an extrememly liberal household with almost no rules. My father is a physician and my mother a homemaker. The only things expected of my younger brother and I were to make good grades, respect our parents, and do our best to stay out of jail.

    Lets just say we both ended up doing quite well for ourselves with professional degrees from reputable universities. We both did a lot of drugs and we still enjoy hitting a blunt too. My wife and I have decided our kids are not going to be indoctrinated against drugs. My wife has never even hit a joint. Yet she agrees with me completely. After a certain age, I will tell my kids honestly all the good and bad things associated with drug use. I will respect their decisions 100% on how they want to live their lives. Kids need to learn during their teenage years to set boundries for themselves and make their own decision to suceed in life. Their parents can’t do it for them, no matter how hard they try. I’ve seen too many friends driven away from their parents over pot in their teenage years. Even though most don’t do drugs now, the relationships with their parents are irreprairable.

  5. John Doe
    I totally agree with you, parents that are too strict have definitely driven their kids to smoke and often times it is important for parents to give kids the tools and let them go. Many of the most addicted pot smokers I know had very repressive parents

  6. firstly to answer your question, where i’m from a gram is 10$, you can get high on .5. When you buy in small amounts the general rule is 10$ a gram. As you buy more it gets cheaper.

    now i personally researched it alot before i ever tried it. you like to say that it’s bad for you, but show me some proof. honestly it isn’t really that bad. the good that comes with it outweighs the bad any day of the week.

    the first time any of my friends did pot was in the 7th grade, but me personally didn’t start till this year (grade 10).

    next your comment on how it’s bad for you is completely false. i wouldn’t be doing it if it were. but i do have friends that do it and say they would even if it were bad for you. i am not stupid and wont do anything thats harming my body, which is probably the biggest reason i stick to natural things. ex: pot, salvia, shrooms.

    I am still in highschool so i don’t know if it gets worse in post secondary education, but i would assume so as kids find that period of their lives to explore and try new things.

    most kids that drink don’t smoke pot. i know this because when i’m at parties they like to be hypocrites and tell me not to do drugs as the take a chug of their beer. let me tell you something…ALCOHOL IS THE #2 KILLER DRUG IN THE WORLD… behind what tobacco. it is worse for you so you should be happy if your kids is smart enough to see through the lies and smoke pot and not drink or smoke, as i do.

    i personally felt no peer pressure to smoke and actually the first time i did smoke was by myself.

    pot is not a gateway drug only 1/10 people who do weed go on to harder drugs.

    as for the not my kid syndrome my parents don’t suspect that i smoke pot. neither would you if you were my parents. i’m a straight a student and a star athlete who plays aaa hockey, and has been invited to many major junior camps. note to athletes try sticking to vaporizers as they don’t harm you lungs.

    if you find out your kid smoke pot don’t get mad, as this will lead him further from you. and if your kid smoke pot and you so, or even if you drink alcohol, shut your mouth and don’t be a hypocrite.

  7. n/a thank you for your comment, I am glad at least your thinking about your health by using a vaporizer, please do be careful, as it is against the law, and although you seem to manage it well, many parents get so nervous around pot is because it can get their kids into serious trouble at school and with the law.

  8. I live near Vancouver BC in Canada, “pot culture” around here is huge. There are few people I know here who don’t smoke weed. Most people don’t even need to buy pot here because the crop is so cheap – I know friends who have bought an ounce for less than 100$ therefore 1/8 is as cheap as 10$.

    Secondly, I have been smoking since grade 9. Not every day, of course, nor every month, but with people on my basketball team at odd times around the year. Sometimes at a party, or at the school. It was totally a social thing, and I don’t see it as anything else. Never will.

    However I now smoke at school (for the first time in grade 12) and the people who I blaze with started in grade 5. The same thing happened with them – it wasnt until grade 8 till they were smoking every day. Sure, I don’t see them running marathons, and yes, one of them stopped smoking cigarettes because he has the start of bronchitis. But other then that I don’t think weed is that bad for you.

    Down the road I may regret it when I caugh up a lung or get a heart attack or cancer due to the side effects of smoking. But if I do it responsibly, and don’t entice anyone or openly promote it to younger people, I don’t see why others should put people down for it if they have never been a part of the “culture” themselves.

    I will never put someone down or tell them to stop doing anything until I have walked their shoes. Everyone is different, and everyone has different standards for life and goals to achieve. If you don’t want to smoke then don’t, if you are thinking about doing it research a lot before you make any choices, and if you smoke then you already know what I’m talking about, so power to you.

  9. ps. the Hempfiles article “The Pot Smokers Etiquette” has very few curse words and though it is is layman’s terms this represents the person writing, not pot culture in general. In my school I hear worse things, even from teachers, when they are talking about general everyday things. This is a problem with todays society, not with the society of smoking marijuana.

  10. I find it quite strange that you keep saying that marijuana is bad for your lungs. Quite a few recent scientific studies have indicated the exact opposite , some have said that there is no connection while some have actually found a negative correlation with lung cancer and weed usage. I think you have been huffing from the D.A.R.E bag for a bit too long. Marijuana has very few if any negative effects on the body , on the other hand it outweighs any other drug , and most other things in health benefit. it is a pity that you have been propagandised to such an extent that you write this sort of thing (without government subsidy even).

  11. SmokeSAT1720, there are also quite a few studies that say marijuana is bad for you. Vanessa is talking about the overall effect of inhaling smoke on your health. Just because pot is better than other drugs, you are still better off not doing it.
    I believe that she also saw two of her friends go to jail for having pot on them and will always encourage kids to stay clean, which I agree with.

  12. I honestly like that you have posted this article about pot for parents. I think my parents are incompetent about pot and therefore fear it

    I would like people to get over the stereotype that potheads are dumb. I am about to be a senior, I have a 3.7gpa, 27act score, college bound and I like to smoke pot. So don’t blame pot for making kids screw up, some kids just wouldn’t do their homework just cuz they are lazy.

    Also, this article is correct in stating that kids understand the risks of pot. For me, I know that smoking a jointbis three times worse than smoking a cigarette, but it must be accounted that smokers smoke many cigs a day. I smoke two joints a week at most, big difference. Even if the risks of smoking pot were much worse, we still would smoke, simply because it feels reeeaallll goooood. Plus being high does not impair your coordination much, compared to alcohol. I think alcohol should be illegal ad Mary jane should be legal. Even though both are fun.

    Hope this gives parents some perspective.

  13. Look,
    Your anti-marijuana propaganda does not fool the majority of teenagers. In fact, anti-cannabis ad campaigns are considered a total joke by most teenagers. I have watched many of these commercials while passing the bowl with friends. I mean come on, it’s hard to deny that prohibition has NEVER been successful. Whether marijuana is legal or not, people will continue to enjoy it. My advice to you is go to your local high school. Ask ANYONE who deals at the school. Find the dealer, and buy an eighth. Go roll a blunt. You are so incredibly ignorant, you shouldn’t knock it before you try it. Also, go ahead and throw all of your music away. Throw away every record, CD..everything, because I’m sure the majority of your music was written and recorded under the influence of marijuana. If you condemn it’s use, I believe listening to music written under it’s influence hypocritical. No one likes a hypocrite.

    Thanks for some more uninformed bullshit about cannabis.
    for the record, I am 15, I have a 3.82 GPA, I am on honor roll, in the National Honors Society, I am on the varsity debate team, newspaper staff, and i am president of the french club. I just happen to enjoy partying and feeling good. Get your facts straight. Toke up.

  14. I never had tried marijuana until I was 17 years old. I now quite frequently use marijuana, and enjoy the feeling every time that I use this plant. I am 19 now. I attend a major university, and make very competitive grades. I graduated early from high school based on scholastic achievement, and entered college as a sophomore when I was 17. I feel that the punishment for the use of marijuana in the United States is infringing on my civil liberties. Not only am I an advocate for marijuana legalization for recreational use, but the hemp plant has many beneficial environmentally renewing attributes. This is a great website explaining the thousands of uses for this plant which is banned from production here in the states. http://www.naihc.org/hemp_information/hemp_facts.html

    I appreciate how you seem to be supporting of both sides, but keeping this “drug” illegal is not worth the effect that it is having on our society. With marijuana being illegal for around seventy years now, it is obvious prohibition has failed. This country was founded by people who were under the influence of many illegal substances as science has proved. If I want to enjoy a toke session, or occasional wake n’ bake… what harm is it doing to all those people out there not for legalization. Saying that there are thousands of victims (producers, suppliers, gang victims, etc) is not a valid argument. Because the whole problem, in general, could be eliminated by legalization; letting Americans cultivate their own herb for themselves. Sorry to rant, just wanted to get my feelings out there for once. Cheers,

  15. well, im just starting to read this, and using your other articles to help me from getting caught, but right away i saw a mistake. an 1/8 is about 3.5 grams, and if you say that a gram is $15 then the 1/8 should at least cost $45. just saying.

  16. in the place that we live we measure by something we call “bowls” and it’s pretty much it’s 5 dollars per bowl and that’s as easy as it gets there are also names for specific amounts of bowls but i don’t feel like getting into that

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