Best Parenting Articles of 2008

The last day of 2008, wow! This has been an awesome year, I hope next year will be even better.  I thought, today I would do an article of my most popular posts from the year! I was a little surprised actually which posts got the mosts hits, but when my readers speak, I listen:

Teen Hook Up Culture: Teen Sex and Theme Parties Oh yes, teens having sex and Pimps and Hoes Parties when parents leave town or the second they get to college…some myths and truths.

7 Things Parents Should Never Say to Teens Pot smokers etiquette, how prevalent is it today, is it a gateway drug…all of these questions answered and more.

10 Activity Ideas For Your Teen Help keep teens out of trouble, here are my brother and I’s favorite activities that our parents planned for us.

The Mom Song Kid’s Response [Humor] Sung to William Tell’s Overture We are at 13,000 views!

50 Best Mom Blogs This post has had a few thousand views and over 20 comments! Hooray. Parents always ask me “which websites should I read?” Here I did a complete overview of my favorite mommy bloggers across the net with reviews, favorite articles and descriptions.

13 Holy CyberCitizenship Laws Parents give the sex talk, the drug talk, but how about the cybercitizenship talk? Here are 13 laws that every person should try to follow when participating in the online world.

25 Coolest Websites for Non-Techies This post did really well with both parent and non-parent readers for some great ways to use the internet!

What Kind of Kid Do You Have? 4 Types of Millenial Kids If you liked my Teacup Parenting article, you will like this one! My most popular speaking engagement topic.

This post is dedicated to Emily Vaughn who was my school counselor through High School and has helped bring my voice to a new set of girls.  Your advice and support is much appreciated!

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