Netiquette Class for Teens and Tweens

I have partnered up with Beverly Hills Manners to teach a very important class to teens and tweens on netiquette and how to handle themselves online.  I am very very excited about this class and cannot wait to see some of you there! I thought this would be a perfect thing to post on New Years day, this would be a great family New Year’s resolution.

Teen Online Manners Course Description

Beverly Hills Manners™ has joined forces with Vanessa Van Petten, book author and writer of a blog on parent-teen relationships, to offer a specialized program on “Netiquette”.  “Netiquette” is a term that has been used to define all of the guidelines that assist us with online communication. It provides general rules of protocol for such technologies as emailing, blogging, texting, social networking and all other forms of new technologies for communicating. Learn how to navigate online communication tools and the most appropriate ways of maintaining a positive online image. In a time when the walls between online and offline communication are coming down, protecting yourself and knowing the proper way to behave is not only sensible, but vital in today’s world. Along with the lecture and Internet demonstration, a light dinner snack will be served.

Program Highlights Include:

-Why Manners Matter in Life & Why They Matter Even More Online

-Cyber-Manners at School: Computer Usage, Group Projects,

-Online Research for Projects & Papers

-Friendships: What It Means to be A Good Friend, Keeping in

-Touch Offline & Online Romance—Online Flirting, Cyber-Romance and Cybersex

-Career—Online Resumés, What Employers Look for in a Candidate and What Could Be Potentially Damaging

-Maintenance—Taking Care of Online Profiles, and Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

-Staying Safe—General Tips for Cyber Safety

Enrollment Policy: Please complete the (netiquette-class-jan-09) enrollment form and mail along with your payment of $95 to: Beverly Hills Manners, 1075 Angelo Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210. Upon receipt of your payment, your space will be reserved.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
5:00pm to 7:30pm
11 to 15 years / Cost $95 per person

Beverly Hills Public Library
444 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills
(310) 288-2220

2 hour complimentary
parking is available.
Contact Information
Lisa Gaché
Beverly Hills Manners™
310.276.9078 ph
310.467.1211 cell

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