Farewell, 2008. Hello, 2009 [Teen Article]

Shannon is one of our teen writers: she is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.


Okay, so I know this is late, like six days late, but I wanted to give a few new year resolution suggestions for teens. Each year I avoid making resolutions because I know that I’ll most likely break them. But this year I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. I made a whole list of new years resolutions, nine to be exact, all of them keepable.

1. Go Green
–Becoming eco-friendly is much easier than it seems. Even small things, like only doing laundry when you have a full load or turning off the water while you brush your teeth, can make a difference. Start saving the planet, one recycled aluminum can at a time.

2. Eat Healthier
–Just because we’re teens doesn’t mean we can eat whatever we want. At the risk of sounding like a nagging parent, I think it’s a good idea to try and get eating habits in check now so when we go off to college it resisting the vending machine food and off campus restaurants won’t be so difficult.

3. Pull Up Grades
–Everyone has an academic goal they’re trying to reach. So just set the bar a little higher this year and go for it.

4. Take More Chances; Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
–My friends and I have been talking a lot about this one lately. We’ve decided that it’s exceptionally important at this age to try new things. Sometimes we’re scared of new experiences because we’re afraid of not knowing anyone or afraid that it’s going to be awkward or just plain afraid for no concrete reason at all. So we use our safety net: that same group of friends we’ve been hanging out with since freshman year. So maybe this year you can make a point to get out there and step outside your safety net. Just push past that voice in the back of your head that hypes up your nerves, challenge that fear into excitement, and hurl yourself full force into the unknown.

5. Get Active
–Excercise is a great mood and energy booster. It’s health for the body physically and mentally.

6. Increase Your Vocabulary
–By this I mean, READ! Instead of throwing yourself down in front of the television night after night go to the library and randomly select books from their Recommendations table. Discover a new series, dive into a mystery or a romance or a drama, and spend time a little more time flipping pages and a little less time flipping channels.

7. Spend More Time With Your Family
–It just hit me for real this year: In less than two years I’ll be coming home from college to celebrate the holidays. Which is weird because it makes me feel quite old. And it also made me realize that my family is something that I’ve been taking for granted all these years. I’m so used to see them anytime I want, being able to bicker with my brother whenever we’re both looking to be entertained, dancing to crazy pop music with my younger sister anytime I feel blue. Although the idea of being away is enticing, it is also petrifying and I know that I will miss them terribly when I’ve left. So spending extra time with them is something I’m definitely want to do.

8. Find A New Hobby, A New Show, A New Something
–This goes along with #4.
Some suggestions:
– knitting
– bike riding
– pottery
– Guitar Hero tournament playing
– Bananagramming

9. Live For The Moment
Last, but certainly not least, I think that living is the present is a very important goal to work towards. As people, we tend to spend our lives living in the future, living for ‘eventually’. Well, I’m tired of living for eventually, because eventually might never come. So instead I’m going to live for the now–day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.

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