1-7-2008 News for Parents of Teens

Shannon is one of our teen interns, she is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.  My first official newspost of the new year! Whoop whoop!

Video of the Week:


Breaking News

OPINION: Lower drinking age further enables campus culture of binge drinking

Third-hand Smoke: Another Reason To Quit Smoking

Teens on MySpace share details of risky behaviors

Teen Sex, Drugs, Violence Plaster MySpace.com Networking Site

The Things Teens Post Online

Keeping Teens Safe Online

Articles of Interest

10 Parenting Resolutions for a Healthier Year

When Your Kids Won’t ‘Friend’ You

New American Girl Chrissa represents 2009’s tweens

Tweens seek more beauty treatments, often with moms

From Spas to Spray Tans, Tweens Growing Up (Too) Fast

$24m or $200: No job is too big or small for tweens

‘Wonder Years’ actress makes math sexy

‘Brow Raising

Woman in wheelchair flees on foot

Art and sole: Patrons pitch shoes at Bush image

Shannon’s Faves

‘Hello, 911? I’m driving drunk’

Calvin and Hobbes–Comic of the Day

Twilight vs Australia-Who Won?

Six Reasons We Have Bad Dreams

Vanessa’s Faves

I am an expert on Momlogic for their Wasted Youth Series about College Freshman.

Check out the video with my interview and their expose!

Love this website for girls called Girlevolution!

CollegeZapps is a pretty cool website to make applying to college easy, saves on paperwork!

Book of the Week

Gamer Girl by Marci Mancusi

Real Life Guidance To: Understanding your Teenager

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