How to Cure Your Kid’s Exhaustion: 7 Causes You Might Not Have Thought Of

Teenagers have always been sleep hoarders, but now it seems that kids are overwhelmed, overburdened and exhausted most of the time. I wanted to look at some causes you might not have though of for your child’s weariness and some ways to stop them.

Why Your Kids Are Always Tired:

1. No Nature

Lack of nature and over stimulation from lights, electronics and synthesized inputs can drain kids and make them more tired than normal.

2. Nothing Grounding

Kids also need a grounding force in their lives. This can be a parent, a hobby, a class or a habit.  Many times kids have so many in each of these categories, nothing grounds them.

3. Silent Nagging

Parents have a way of nagging without actually saying anything and this can be exhausting for kids.  They come in the form of backhanded comments, eye rolls and hurumphs.

4. Toxin Overload

Too many sweets and treats are digested in our bodies like toxins and this can make kids tired.

5. Lack of Meaning

Often times kids and teens are thinking about why they are here and what they are meant to do. This lack of meaning is stronger for some kids over others.

6. Pessimism

Having a downer or ‘no’ attitude or being around others who are pessimistic can be exhausting.  Be sure to talk to your child about their friends. Are the glass-half-full kind of people or not?

7. Info Overload

Kids and teens are bombarded with information from Facebook, school teachers, parents, siblings and coaches.  Sometimes it is just too much and can cause physical and mental exhaustion.

Most of these remind us to help bring our kids back to basics.  More nature less electronics, less nagging and more genuine conversations.  The first step is to point out which of these factors your kid’s are struggling with and talk to them about it.

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