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Wanted to let you know I will be speaking at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, NV this Friday in a session called:

Youth and Social Networking : It’s in their DNA

We are going to focus on what kids get out of their social networking experience in addition to what might be harmful or misunderstood. The MacArthur Foundation recently released a paper saying that social networking was a valuable skill and time well spent.

Also, I am Looking to Hire Coaches/Tutors, check it out!

Vanessa and the Teen Team

PS- Went to the PBS Press Tour 2009 and they have some awesome family programs coming out! Got to see Ian Mckellen (Lord of the Rings), Lewis Black, Kelly Carlin, Richard Belzer speak.

Articles by Vanessa

Virtual Studying: Are Students Actually Working?

iChat study sessions? Virtual flashcards? Wiki study guides?  Are all of the Internet study techniques actually working? How has studying changed for the net-generation student.

Netiquette Class for Teens and Tweens

I am teaching a Netiquette class, get enrolled before we reach capacity!

Thank You Readers


Just wanted to thank my readers on the New Years for being awesome and so supportive, thank you!

Best Parenting Articles of 2008

Here are my most popular articles from the year based on my traffic.

Articles by Teens and Parents

News for Parents

Teen’s New Year’s Resolutions

Stop Yelling, Start Trusting

Farewell, 2008. Hello, 2009 [Teen Article]

Teen Fitness Article on Resolutions

PS- My family and I do Fondue ever New Years!

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