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Netiquette Class for Teens and Tweens

cesI also spoke at CES this weekend in Las Vegas, thanks for all of the fellow bloggers and readers who came up to me and visited my panel! You can check out my Videos of My Travels: CES, Christmas, New Years.
Vanessa and the Teen Team

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Father Daughter Speaking Events I am now going to be doing speaking events and engagements with my dad.  We talk about father daughter bonding, the ups and downs of our relationships and much more!

How to Make Sure Teens Party Sober Partying is huge right now! How can parents make sure that teens party sober? Here are some tips for how to talk to your kids and encourage them to stay clean and safe.

5 Funny Stories: Adult Logic is Not Kid Logic Here are some great stories from my childhood and clients about how what teens think, is not what parents do.

Parent By a Community: The First Editable Parenting Book Here is my big announcement! I have been working on a parenting wiki, like wikipedia for parents for the past year, and it is finally in Beta launch–check it out.

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International Parenting

1-14-2008 News for Parents

Walk to Bond

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