Top Three Things to Know When Parenting Gen Y

sarah-newton-headshot-blog1I wrote this guest post for Sarah Newton’s blog and wanted to post an excerpt of it for you here, check it out!

We are a pesky bunch. One of the most frequent complaints I get from parents when I speak at schools and groups is “what on earth are my kids thinking!?” You know what is funny? Teens also ask me the same question about their parents.

This is why one of my favorite things to do to shrink our generation gap is to translate our needs to parents and vice versa (feel free to email me any suggestions!). When Sarah asked me to write a post for her readers, I thought the top three things to know when parenting Gen Y would be perfect!

1) Never disconnect us–and if you do beware of the consequences

For us, taking away our computer is worse than taking away the TV because the computer is our TV. Taking away our cell phone is worse than taking away our computer because our cell phone is our computer in our phone…you get where I am going with this. My generation is desperate to be connected to the web, to our phones and to each other at all times, because we do not know anything different. We grew up being able to text mom to pass the salt faster than we could ask. This is a fundamental thing to keep in mind when parenting us. Our need for connectedness is not necessarily justified, but being disconnected can cause panic, confusion and great anger at you. I do not think this is good either, and have many posts about how to give Gen Y teens and kids an ‘internet break’ while making sure to do it gradually.

2) Don’t tell us there is grey

“This is the WORST HAIRDAY EVER, EVER, EVER and it will never get better, and I will lose all of my friends, and I will not have a date to the prom, and I will become the biggest loser at school and then I won’t get into college because I will be so depressed I do not have any friends that I will not be able to do my applications.”

Read the rest on Sarah newton’s blog here!

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