For the Wandering Student and Worker: Traveling Desk

organize-on-the-goUmmmm, I love this! I went to one of my client’s houses yesterday and saw this bag of goodies.  I thought I had to take a picture and share the idea with my readers.
Her son is a what I like to call, a wandering worker.  Do you have one in your house? Are you a wandering student?

Here are the symptoms:

1) He studies in the kitchen, on his bed, in his desk, on his parent’s floor, in the living room…you name a place and he has studied there.

2) Materials Disappear

3) Someone is always asking, where is the stapler/scissors/paper?

4) You find flashcards or random papers under the couch, in the shower, or replacement placemats.

Set-up a Traveling Desk:

1) Go to Michaels or a craft store and get a scrapbook making bag.  These are open bags with lots of pockets and compartments with easy toting handles.

2) Fill it with all of the essential school supplies!

3) Place one (or maybe two or three) in some of the most popular rooms to be easily transported.

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