Meet Iris

What is your dream job? (even if skills/money/practicality doesn’t matter)

A Pixar animator/storyboard artist, an artist eternally creating, or a journalist/creative writer, or each of those combined with some other interesting scientific field like biology or statistics.

Do you know where you want to go to college?

Either UC Berkeley or UC Davis for publics, Stanford or Brown for privates. (Yay for dreaming!)

What is the biggest misconception you think parents have about teens?

Often times authority figures (parents) misjudge their citizens (teens) and believe in a very pessimistic form of law: If I put enough rules and regulations on them, they will grow up to be upstanding people, and understand what is right and wrong for them. I personally don’t believe that is the right thing to do. At the same time, there are also some parents that give into everything their kid wants. Both types have the best intentions, but a combination of both with some humor and compassion is often the healthiest way to go. Balance is everything.

IF there is one thing you could tell parents about teens what would it be?

My opinion is that parents should TRUST their teenagers, and allow them to consider all sides of the viewpoints, not just the parents. This in turn will allow teenagers to critically understand and develop an independence of thinking, where they will make the right decisions for everything regarding life skills, relationships, to being a socially conscious and sensitive person that will respect everyone, and not just themselves.

The thing is, maybe the parents sometimes really are doing all or at least most of the right things for their children, but they think that their children aren’t reflecting it. Believe me, we’re still growing, and we will eventually mature and grow up in time if given all the right tools to succeed and time to discover ourselves. Sometimes I guess we’re like really slowly sprouting seeds!

What is your favorite website?

For a friendly, humorous and sincerely thorough understanding of sexual education:

For international news and perspectives from the other side of the pond:

For a well-written, witty, and editorial fashion blog:

For a never ending waterfall of information, and a good starting point for any research project:

Chowhound Forums – for those sincerely passionate about food and cooking –

Least favorite thing about high school, most favorite thing about high school:

Least favorite: Teachers that allow their curriculum to be influenced by their moods, and how it sometimes feels like a rat race.

Most favorite: Being in a supportive community of friends and teachers

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