Teen Perspective on Racism

Carys is one of our teen interns who is 13 and from Trinidad, loves to write and act.

“Racism” can be deliberate or sometimes a subtle manner in which we treat people of other races. I think it is important for parents to talk to their kids about racism.

Parents can begin by explaining the definition of “Racism”. They can give an example of “racism”, for instance if there is a company built up entirely by Caucasians, they may have a policy of not hiring other races.  This can be racism because they are discluding a group of people based on their race. Secondly, include that, during the 40’s to 60’s, resturants and business places found it distasteful to serve colored people (African-Americans), or spanish (Hispanics or Mexican). Third, try to include a bit of history, or facts that give an example or result of “Racism”, icons such as: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and more.

Also, explain that some countries don’t accept Caucasians, for example Zimbabwe excludes Caucasians, and has banished many of them out of their country. Parents should explain, that no one should be treated differently. Everyone needs equality.  Racism can include discriminating based on the color of your skin, orientation, or religion. Finally, say, “Treat others as you would wanted to be treated.”

3 thoughts on “Teen Perspective on Racism”

  1. Great post, I think a lot of parents don’t think to address racism with their kids because for many (I know this holds true with my daughters) race was never an issue. If you grow up in home that fully accepts everyone as an equal kids will never know what racism is, and they will enter a world where it unfortunately present everywhere. While my family treats everyone equally, I did make sure to teach my kids about racism and it’s affects on the world, it’s very important.

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