1-28-2009 News From Around the World for Parents

Video of the Week

Calif. Mom Delivers Rare Octuplets

Breaking News

Greatest Internet Threat to teens may be teens themselves

Teen Founder of ‘No Cussing Club’ Gets Death Threats

The Myth of Rampant Teenage Promiscuity

Parents defend putting their kids in beauty pageants for kids

Articles of Interest

Teen Engrosed Online

Teens Gone Wild? Not Really.

Brain Age doesn’t work, claim researchers

Tween Freedom: What Happened to “Because I Said So”?

Just tell kids how you know about drugs

‘Brow Raising

Looking for trash, workers find cash

Woman arrested after teaching kids how to shoplift

Shannon’s Faves

Obama daughters adjust to the spotlight

Sports and camp: how to choose

Welcome to Recession Bowl

Vanessa’s Faves

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Show:Your child forgets homework, lunch, etc. Do you bring it for them?” 

Do you shuttle your child’s forgotten homework, lunch, band instrument, etc.? When do you stop taking responsibility for these forgotten items and shift that responsibility to your child? Making the transition from managing your child’s responsibilities takes time and few key actions. Today’s show shares two items that will help ease the transition for you and your child.

The Alert Parent: Helping Your Child Navigate the 21st Century The Alert Parent blog is a resource for parents and covers a variety of topics ranging from technology to manners. Allyn’s articles can be thoughtful and humorous or both. Using her own life experiences and examples, Allyn writes from the heart and almost always delivers an insightful message.

Book of the Week

13 is the New 18 by Beth J Harpaz: A book for any parent of teens—be they girls or boys—13 Is the New 18 is a delightfully comical foray into today’s increasingly widening generation gap and one mom’s attempt to figure it all out with little guidance and a whole lot of misplaced guilt.

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