15 Year-Old Katie

Name: Katie

Age: 15

What do you want to be when you grow-up?

Idealistically, a diplomat, but to get to that place I have a long road of hard work ahead of me. If I am unable to be a diplomat I would want to either be a lawyer or politician, human rights advocate or entrepeneur.

What is your dream job?

Diplomat, an ambassador for the United Nations

Do you know what you want to study in college?

International Relations or business Poli Sci, pre law

Do you know where you want to go to college?

Georgetown. NYU tufts brown GW boston U. Somewhere on the east coast

What is the biggest misconception you think parents have about teens?

In my personal opinion I believe that the biggest misconception parents have about teens is that teenagers are “bad”

Parents think that their kids go through a rebellious akward stage and that for a couple years we get bad and then we get better.

Not all teenagers smoke drink and are sexually active.

The minority that do just happen to really affect our parents views of their children unfortunately.

If there is one thing you could tell parents about teens what would it be?

I would want my parents to know that especially in the teen years you feel like there is no hope sometimes and a lot of teens let go of their faith and beliefs and dreams. Each is a vital component to who you are and will become as a person. I would  want them to know that its important for them to let their child know that it is going to be alright and that it is so much more important to be true to who you are then to what anyone else might want you to be, just someone to tell you your beautiful even with acne and that teenage years aren’t everything. That its all going to be ok.

What is your favorite website?


Least favorite thing about high school, most favorite thing about high school:

Least favorite thing: pressures and stresses/ mean girls cliques

Most favorite thing: opportunity to be different than everyone else

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