Anti-Cyberbullying Awareness

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I decided to make today, February 4th, a push to get many of my parent and friend bloggers around the web to post about cyberbullying to raise awareness for parents and youth to know that this is a serious issue and victims are not alone.

CyberBully Awareness Campaign


Kids do not know how to handle online bullying and they need to know the steps of how to deal with it if it ever happens to them or a friend.  Even if one more student learns the steps for how to get out of a cyberbullying situation, I will consider this campaign a success.

How You Can Help Stop Cyberbullying

Consider following these three steps and spreading the anti-cyberbullying message today!

Step 1: Tell them what Cyberbullying is

Cyberbullying: involves the use of technlogy to spread, communicate or use information to deliberately harm other individuals or groups through email, IM, social networks, websites, blogs or phones.

Step 2: Cyberbullying is more common than you think

Explain to your audience (whether that is a few thousand readers or your family) that the biggest threat online does not necessarily come from online predators or strangers, but rather it comes from your neighbors, friends and acquaintences.

Here is how it happens: 6 Things Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying

Step 3: Explain how to stop it.

I wrote this post on the steps and how to stop cyberbullying from happening.  On February 4th, I will also write a full post about this again and post some new videos for anyone who wants to reblog.

If you would like to join the campaign, send me an email and I will link to your blog and article on February 4th for my readers.  I would also love people to post or write about some personal stories with cyberbullying because I think those can be the most helpful for kids.

Thank you to everyone who is partnering to join and spread the word about our anti-cyberbullying campaign here at On Teens Today:

Angeline of MomStyleNews:

“Teens Confess Risky Behavior on Myspace” This post even has a really cool audio component.  You can click and listen to one of the reasearchers behind this study talking in very plain terms about how teens use SNS to experiment with their developing personality and how parents can embrace technology and help make teens’ online experiences positive ones.

Curriculum Helps Teachers Fight Cyberbullying


Vivien Bruss of Cool Moms Rule

Brenda Preston of Safewave

Sue Scheff of Help Your Teens
Is posting on sexting here.

Tara Paterson of the Mom’s Choice Awards and Just for Mom and an awesome Technology and Child Safety Blog! Cyberbullying Resources

JC Shakespeare

Online Security Authority

Breaking the Cycles

Two Times the Fun Blog, creators of iLAND5, is a bully-free and predator-free website for a kid that’s free to use.  This site requires a child’s school to verify his or her identification before they can become a member. Members must be ages 5-18. There are no predators, bullies, or imposter profiles on this site.  They also have a free downloadable browser.  iLAND5 is content monitored 24/7 with filters and actual ‘eyes on’.

Love: CG Kidz about being green, for kids, by kids posted about the campaign!


I have written a few articles on the topic that have been very popular:

6 Things Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying

How to stop cyberbullying from happening

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  1. Sandra Foyt
    February 7, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    I’m so glad to see you promoting this issue! This is an issue that middle school Girl Scouts are focusing on as part of the Amaze Cadette Journey.

    By the way, last year I shared the following video with my Girl Scouts:

    Cyberbullying: Let’s Fight It Together

    It’s a powerful video that really drives home the pain caused by cyberbullying.


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